A French speaking family was on holiday in Quebec Canada in 2018 when they noticed a UFO in the sky. This is very different to normal UFO sighting's.

A family was on holiday in Quebec, Canada in 2018 when on a fantastic cloudless day a UFO catches their eye and the rest of the trip was overshadowed by the UFO sighting.

This UFO sighting changes shape and it's got flames around it filmed in Quebec Canada in 2018.

Filmed in 2018 over Quebec, Canada by a French speaking family with experts saying it’s not of this Earth.

Their collective opinion’s on this matter and carry weight. When some are saying it’s not of this Earth, we need to understand how near on impossible it normally takes to get a group of seasoned experts to agree let alone say that so on TV. The opinion’s on this particular UFO sighting on the internet however are running all over the spectrum. You’d expect nothing less and someone to narrow it down for sure but as it stands, the opinions are that it’s not of this Earth.

But then all we have to do is look at the UFO to know that human being’s couldn’t utilize this, we probably couldn’t even get close to it because of the flames surrounding it.

This is about as clear of a UFO sighting that anyone would wish to see, but that wish was probably for a metallic silver Disk or a craft of some sort…

But instead we’re given (by destiny) this unusual looking, one off crazy craft that looks like it’s on fire. It’s got nothing by way of propulsion systems or thrusters and nothing that would allow it to stay motionless in the sky?

But this is Ufology and there’s never a straight forward UFO sighting. It just doesn’t add up to normal everyday stuff. This isn’t typical I grant you that, but if it’s to fit in somewhere, it’s definitely Ufology. Otherworldly UFOs and craft’s similar to this have been filmed for decades. They’ve been written about for centuries. We should be used to this type of anomaly? But we’re not and so trying to explain what we’re seeing, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

It’s surrounded by flames, it even changes shape from the beginning of the video to the end of the video it has shifted it’s form into a couple of different shapes. Does that mean it’s under intelligent control? Maybe. Is it possible that it’s a Mylar balloon with a silver reflective wrapping around it? Maybe.

Would a Mylar balloon hover, stay motionless and then all of a sudden change it’s shape? No.

Right, so the Mylar balloon theory is out!

It’s under it’s own power, but we cannot see the source of the power generator. Is it inside of the UFO? Probably it’s within it’s body of the UFO. Unless it’s using wireless energy? Yes, that is most certainly a thing. People charge their phones everyday using a wireless charger.

That’s electricity sent wirelessly. So this UFO could be utilizing a sophisticated example of that… Look, I’m just trying to understand exactly what we’re seeing here because I feel like the more we understand it, the more we can make a decision on this. Is it man made or is it unknown exotic “off world technology?”

Is it possible that it’s been controlled externally or is it coded into the UFO, on a predetermined path so-to-speak?

It could be any number of thing’s but one thing that I am able to say about this is that it’s definitely a real UFO, it’s surrounded by flames and it’s definitely changing it’s shape. It’s probably not of this world based on that.

Here’s the extraordinary video description:

A family in Canada captures an object in flames, shooting red and green lights as it moves upwards in the sky in this clip from The Proof Is Out There!

YouTube channel The Unexplained Zone  

The History channel has done extensive research on this particular UFO sighting and again, their findings are consistent with the video findings below. That this isn’t of this Earth.

Here’s the video:

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Credit: The Unexplained Zone YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting’s Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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