First of all, don’t try and put me into a box. You will fail.

I’m not far right, right wing, liberal or far left. I’m not ‘far’ anything. In fact I’m more centrist than anything else but even then there is overspill on both sides. Some of my views will be hated by the left, some of my views will be hated by the right, it might shock you to learn that I absolutely do not care.

I don’t care if I cause offence although I don’t go out of my to do so. The fact is if any individual feels offended by mere words or sees so called hate speech in a strangers blog it isn’t because my words contain some intrinsic malice but rather the hurt individual has taken a dislike to one or more of my opinions. Hate speech you see, isn’t something the reader hates.

I wanted to get that out of the way because the reality is I’m not going to hold back. I can’t. I’m not wired that way. I’m blunt, honest and to the point.

What is Edworx?

Edworx represents the inner working of my mind, my name is Ed, I’m a 46 year old family man with many interests and everything you see on this website is linked to my mind, which would be the worx part (clever eh? No I suppose not but it was to me, 30 years ago!). The idea started many moons ago in the early 90’s in a seaside town called West Kirby.

West Kirby Marine Lake

West Kirby fancied itself a northern twin to Newquay although there has never been a surf in it’s tides, it does have a marine lake that at the time was home to wind surfers. Along the high street where several independent surf shops, all gone now of course. West Kirby is more of a retirement village now, it’s vibrant energetic identity lost over time as fashions changed and people moved on. In these surf shops were many surf brands such as Animal, Ripcurl, quicksilver and of course Headworx.

Headworx didn’t make it out of the 90’s (apart from one shop in Cornwall, UK opened in 2004, I have no idea if it’s still going or not) and isn’t often remembered but it left a mark on me and my young 14 year old brain. Surf brands were, and are, expensive and being in an unemployed single parent household I never had a bank of mum and dad to tap for tee-shirt funds so I’d saved for weeks to buy a Headworx tee-shirt I was in love with, washing dishes after school in the local Pan Crepe Kitchen restaurant. I wanted to bottle the way it made me feel. To personalise it, freeze it in amber. Surf culture gave me asense of adenture, this an a life long movie addiction gave me the pure escapism I needed from my poverty stricken life in a very broken home. I had an idea, Edworx! It had nothing to do with surf culture, surf gear, clothes or even a business. It was a link to a personal feeling I had as a kid. I then proceeded to forget all about my teenage brain fart until 2002. There was a good reason of course, I went on a literal adventure to Antarctica for 5 years but that’s another story for another time.

Antarctic ice shelf 1994

2002 you see was the year I remembered my idea and secured the domain name I then did absolutely nothing with it until 2016 when I created a small blog. Again, life intervened and 3 jobs kept me away from cultivating my blog until recently when several things happened and I found myself needing to find my voice. Because frankly I’ve had enough.

What things happened, you astute intellectual powerhouse you? I’m glad you asked.

Covid, Disney, Climate agenda, the death of Hollywood, Orwellian social engineering, the rise of insanity, Trans ideology and the tik tock generation, the revision if history, the anticlimax of UFO disclosure….and so on.

So sit back dear reader and stay tuned because over the coming weeks we’ll flesh all these things out, and more, in a glorious display of free thought and unwavering common sense!