We take a look at the most exciting new sci-fi books of 2023, look back to 2022 and choose the best science fiction novels of all time.

Fractal Noise

by Christopher Paolini

On the planet Talos VII, twenty-three years before the events of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, an anomaly is detected: a vast circular pit, with dimensions so perfect that it could only have been the result of conscious design. So a small team is assembled to learn more – perhaps even who built the hole and why. Their mission will take them on a hazardous trek to the very edge of existence. For xenobiologist Alex Crichton this opportunity is a desperate attempt to find meaning in an uncaring universe. Fractal Noise is the thrilling prequel to To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini.

The Kaiju Preservation Society

by John Scalzi

In New York, Jamie is a driver for food delivery apps, looking for any opportunity to escape his daily schedule. Then, after making a delivery to old acquaintance Tom, he gets the chance to escape more than just his delivery gig. Tom works for an animal rights organisation – but not any that you’ve heard of. Known as the ‘Kaiju Preservation Society’, Jamie unwittingly signs on with Tom to venture to the Earth of an alternate dimension, where massive dinosaur-like creatures called ‘Kaiju’ roam a human-free world. But they’re in trouble – the Society are not the only ones who have found their way to the Kaiju world. . .