Christine revisited – the 1958 Plymouth Fury that is still going strong

“This is the story of a lover’s triangle…It was bad from the start. And it got worse in a hurry.”

It’s love at first sight for high school student Arnie Cunningham when he and his best friend Dennis Guilder spot the dilapidated 1958 red-and-white Plymouth Fury for sale—dubbed “Christine” by its original cantankerous owner—rusting away on a front lawn of their suburban Pennsylvania neighborhood. Dennis knows that Arnie’s never had much luck in the looks or popularity department, or really taken an interest in owning a car . . . but Christine quickly changes all that. Arnie suddenly has the newfound confidence to stick up for himself, going as far as dating the most beautiful girl at Libertyville High—transfer student Leigh Cabot—even as a mysteriously restored Christine systematically and terrifyingly consumes every aspect of Arnie’s life. Dennis and Leigh soon realize that they must uncover the awful truth behind a car with a horrifying and murderous history. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and heaven help anyone who gets in Christine’s way…

Christine is a horror novel written by Stephen King, published in 1983. It tells the story of a vintage automobile apparently possessed by supernatural forces. A film adaptation, directed by John Carpenter, was released in the same year; this adaptation starred Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul and Harry Dean Stanton. In April 2013, PS Publishing released Christine in a limited 30th Anniversary Edition.


This classic lives on today and with the rise of nostalgia thick throw backs to the King era such as Stranger Things (Netflix) then interest may grow in the next few years.

What some people don’t realize is that John Carpenter made the film before the book was released as Stephen King had given him a copy of the as yet un published novel. This has led many a hard core fans of the legendary Plymouth Fury to take their references from the movie – seeing that as the original – however the true Plymouth Fury exists in the pages of the book released later the same year. For example the license plates in the movie are different from the plates in the book (on a side note if you’re after book authentic plates then email this guy he will definitely be able to help) so if you’re a true fan of the demonic Plymouth Fury pick up the book first…

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