‘Arrival’ Teaser Trailer: Denis Villeneuve Sends Amy Adams On A Dangerous Alien Mission

She may have missed out on an Oscar nomination for her turn in 2015 for her turn in Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes,” but that doesn’t seem likely to happen to Amy Adams again this year as she has two high profile awards contenders set for release, Denis Villeneuve’sArrivaland Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals.” The former will hit theaters first courtesy of Paramount Pictures, and the first teaser has premiered, hinting at what is bound to be one of Adams’ best lead performances yet.

The actress stars as Louise Banks, a linguist who is asked by the government to translate an extraterrestrial language after a dozen alien pods enter the atmosphere. She’s aided in her task by mathematician Ian Donnelly, played by Jeremy Renner, though personal demons will certainly make her task more of an emotional burden.

“She felt real, like somebody I would know and somebody I would like to have a conversation with,” the actress recently told USA Today. “Emotionally, the journey she takes in this was devastating to me.”

The drama is the latest from rising director Villeneuve, who has scored three consecutive critical hits with “Prisoners,” “Enemy” and “Sicario.” “Arrival,” which was originally titled “The Story Of Your Life,” will screen at both Venice and TIFF this year, making it one of Paramount’s most high profile awards releases.

The film opens on November 11. Watch the debut teaser below.

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