‘Arrival’ First Look

Now that we’ve all survived the bombastic return of the angry extraterrestrials in Independence Day: Resurgence, new sci-fi drama Arrival promises something a little more subtle and thoughtful, with a prime awards-contending slot in place. Take a look at the first images from the new movie, featuring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

Anyone who has become a big fan of Denis Villeneuve after three knockout hits (“Prisoners,” “Enemy” and “Sicario”) definitely has “Arrival” at the very top of their fall movie watch list. The drama, which is now one of Paramount Pictures’ big Oscar contenders after earning slots at both Venice and TIFF, is hitting theatres this November, and USA Today has the official first look with two new photos featuring stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner.

The film takes place during an alien invasion, in which a dozen alien pods have entered the atmosphere. The government calls in linguist Louise Banks (Adams) to decipher the alien’s extra-terrestrial language and determine what their purpose is. Helping her with this mission is mathematician Ian Donnelly (Renner). While the alien storyline might suggest an effects-driven blockbuster, Renner tells USA Today that audiences shouldn’t expect a “big Michael Bay alien movie.” Instead, “Arrival” feels like if you “blended a (Stanley) Kubrick and a (Steven) Spielberg movie.”

The two first look photos released are more-or-less character portraits, but Villeneuve’s knack for thinking man thrillers should make this story sizzle with psychological drama.

According to Adams, her character will be facing some personal demons as the aliens arrive. “She felt real, like somebody I would know and somebody I would like to have a conversation with,” the actress says. “Emotionally, the journey she takes in this was devastating to me.”

“Arrival” opens in theatres November 11.



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